Activities at Gemtree
There is something for everyone at Gemtree. Scroll down for a list of entertainment on offer!

At Gemtree guests are able to escape from the hustle and bustle of tourism to relax in the spacious site of their own van, however, when the moment comes that you are seeking a memorable and unique experience, Gemtree has 'Plenty' on offer!

Evenings at Gemtree
A set menu is on offer 2-3 nights a week in the Campoven Kitchen from Easter weekend until October, numbers permitting and we can deliver take-away meals to your site at other times.

Paddy Melon Bowls
Paddymelons grow wild in our country, but as they are not consumable they have no use... so we invented one! We play Paddymelon Bowls (numbers permitting) each Friday evening, and the winning prize is an extra night on a powered site.

History Movie
The Chalmers family has a long history of harmony as a pioneering family on the Plenty Highway. We show a free commercially produced movie on Wednesday and Saturday nights after our Campoven Kitchen roast dinners, with a running commentary and Q & A session. This is a genuine taste of what it is like to live in Central Australia.

The Creek at Gemtree
Endless hours of family fun can be spent down in the sandy creek bed! When numbers permit we host sandcastle-building competitions... you would be amazied at how determined some of the Dads get!

Nature Trail
Gemtree has 250 acres of natural bushland for you to enjoy. Borrow a full colour booklet from Reception, featuring a popular self-guided nature trail meandering for three and a half kilometers through the property. A brilliant opportunity to enjoy and learn about the native flora and fauna of the area. This trail is particularly popular in the late afternoons when the birds are playing along the sandy creek bed or around the billabong. The perfect location for avid photographers, bushwalkers and birdwatchers. Gemtree is well known for abundant birdlife.

Self Drive Tours
There are a few interesting self-drive options on tracks around the area, at no cost, requiring 4WD. These  destinations will take you through local pastoral properties and the nearby scenic Harts Ranges. We ask guests to please show consideration when entering private properties taking care to avoid cattle watering points and not disturb the cattle. The Mac and Rose Chalmers Conservation Park at Tower Rock is a popular day trip from Gemtree. Box Hole Meteorite Crater is also an interesting trip. We will provide mud maps with directions.

Arltunga and Old Ambalindum
Another 4WD experience try travelling into the beautiful eastern MacDonnells from Gemtree via the nearby Binns Track to the Arltunga goldmining ghost town and Old Ambalindum, where you can camp overnight on a cattle station and experience other 4WD options, providing an interesting alternative scenic route back to Alice Spring via Ross River and Trephina Gorge. Spend some time strolling through the wonderful old historic stone buildings from the gold rush days at the turn of the 20th Century. A loop back to Gemtree through the rugged Cattlewater Pass is no longer available since the police closed it indefinitely and 4x4 travellers returning to Gemtree must now follow the Binns Track.

History Museum
The original Webb family Mount Riddock Homestead has been relocated to Gemtree and displays interesting story boards of the twelve neighbours of the Webb family in the 1920's. A pleasant way to relax and enjoy the fascinating pioneering history of the families of our district.

This is just a sample of what is on offer at Gemtree. Please don't hesitate to call in to Reception for assistance in planning your days spent with us. We will do everything we can to make sure your Red Centre Adventure is the very best it can be.

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